"   The gentle friction of your hand on my thigh is enough to strike a match inside me. I lean into your lips and the fire blossoms and spreads.   "
Caitlin Hinshaw, Literary Sexts (via larmoyante)

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I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards. 

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"   You are still young, free.. Do yourself a favor. Before it’s too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it. One day it will be too late.   "
The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri (via bookies-alya-avocado)

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"   My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with hazel eyes and a heartbeat.   "
For him" series #2  (via elauxe)

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